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Electronic prescriptions

While so much money has been spent (and will be spent) on electronic medical records, we have been missing the whole point – it may not be practical to computerize everything and anything in healthcare. The cost just exceeds the benefits. So this constrains us to reflect as to what areas would benefit the most […]

Informatics in Action: Hands Rosling

Standards for Health Information in the Philippines 1999

An NIH publication. Full text here.

Effect of Image Compression on Telepathology

Archives of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine Volume 124, Issue 11 (November 2000) pp. 1653-1656 Full text available here.

History of Health Informatics in the Philippines

This needs updating but I am posting it here for those who are looking for references. Get it here.

What’s in the license fee of a proprietary hospital information system?

What actually do we pay for when we purchase a proprietary hospital information system? Let’s dissect where the money goes. 1. software development. This goes to the salary of the programmers who were hired by the vendor to develop the software. Interestingly, if the software is already running in another hospital, this cost has been […]

Hospital Information Systems Cost Centers

Want to automate the hospital? First, it depends on how big is the hospital. HIS are expensive and unless the hospital is big enough to generate revenues, a full HIS is not advisable. Having said that, there is benefit for HIS — it’s just that you have to make sure you lay down the HIS […]

What happens when regulators become implementers?

A lot of people have asked me why there are no standards for health information in the Philippines*. This is a tricky question and one that does not have a right or wrong answer. But allow me to re-phrase it as follows: what happens when regulators (those who impose standards) are also implementers of those […]

The PHIN, the PHIS

Not many know that there is a thing called the Philippine Health Information Network (PHIN) which is spearheading the Philippine Health Information System. The effort is led by DOH with support from the National Statistics Office, the National Statistical Coordinating Board (NSCB), PhilHealth, and other government agencies. I will post more about the PHIN as […]

Opening Day

Welcome to MedHacks –little ways of detoxifying medicine through the creative use of information and communications technology. Far from being a one-man blog, I hope we can compile all those battle-tested hacks which have made a health professional’s life much easier — and health care much safer. Looking forward to your own hacks!