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Category Archives: Utility

To see is to believe — screencasting

One of the most useful tools in teaching computer literacy are screen capture software. These software allow you to record your screen and is valuable if you want other people to see what you see in your own computer. Medhacks recommends two tools for this purpose: Wink ( and Camtasia (free version) at Of […]

Documenting Algorithms with Online Flowcharting Tools

For those of you who like documenting your clinical algorithms (decision trees, decision flows), you may want to investigate Gliffy ( It allows you to create flowcharts (and others) which you can collaboratively edit with the rest of your team. Here is one I created with Gliffy.

PortableApps + PortableFirefox + ZOTERO: Killer App for MED

Some readers have responded about the fact that its a lousy thing to find a good article online but not be using your own desktop or laptop (with Zotero or JabRef installed). They end up e-mailing the article to themselves and all of that trouble. You all probably know PortableApps by now. You install it […]

Recording Your Life

Sometimes it is necessary to show someone what you are see on your desktop. This can range from a part of a medical picture (like the rim of cytoplasm around a plasma cell) or a diagnostic procedure which you wish to explain step-by-step (adding a procedure to patienĂ…â€º electronic medical record). The conventional way of […]

A Browser Worth Its Salt

I have always told my students and co-teachers to use the Firefox web browser because of its more secure nature and its ability to be extended with powerful features. Not to mention that it is also open source. I therefore recommend to all medhackers to use Firefox as it provides you the flexibility to let […]