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Monthly Archives: March 2007

Reference Manager: Zotero

Medicine is all about learning from what other people have discovered — and remembering! In order to do this, we must have an organized way of managing the volumes of scientific articles that accumulate everyday in our hard drives. It was once said: the number of citations in MEDLINE increase so fast that if you […]

A Browser Worth Its Salt

I have always told my students and co-teachers to use the Firefox web browser because of its more secure nature and its ability to be extended with powerful features. Not to mention that it is also open source. I therefore recommend to all medhackers to use Firefox as it provides you the flexibility to let […]

What is a ‘medhack’?

The component words are ´med´ for ¨medicine¨ and ´hack´ for ¨hacker¨. There are many definitions of ‘hack’, and they range from the best to the worst. Jeffrey Veen has an article on it and I agree with him that a hack is “the appropriate application of ingenuity”. A MedHack then is that same stroke of […]

Opening Day

Welcome to MedHacks –little ways of detoxifying medicine through the creative use of information and communications technology. Far from being a one-man blog, I hope we can compile all those battle-tested hacks which have made a health professional’s life much easier — and health care much safer. Looking forward to your own hacks!