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Category Archives: Research

Book on Telehealth Out (and it’s free!)

International Development Research Centre of Canada has just released a book on telehealth in developing countries. Download it now from (Full disclosure: I wrote chapter 3 🙂

Protege: Ontologies for relationships

Modeling the real-world has always been a challenge to any health informatics professional. The fact is that the way humans perceive their world is vastly beyond the capabilities of technology to document. In essence, the best way to model the world is to live in it and be part of it. But for lesser mortals, […]

MEDLINE Manager: JabRef

If you still think Zotero is not enough (see previous posts), then try out JabRef. JabRef is a Java-based reference manager and accepts different types of bibliographic data formats (yes, including MEDLINE). If you are a medical student or resident in training, storage of citations, abstracts, and full text is indispensable. You must have a […]

Reference Manager: Zotero

Medicine is all about learning from what other people have discovered — and remembering! In order to do this, we must have an organized way of managing the volumes of scientific articles that accumulate everyday in our hard drives. It was once said: the number of citations in MEDLINE increase so fast that if you […]