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Category Archives: eHealth Strategy

Why Health Facilities Should Prefer Open Source Over Proprietary Software

I have been very vocal about free and open source software (FOSS) for healthcare, mostly for philosophical reasons. But that approach is not always shared by other people with different views of the world. It seems ‘economics’ (being mostly quantitative) is easy for many to understand so let me use that as the platform for […]

Shortest entry in this blog — Which Electronic Health Record?

OpenMRS. More at

XML — should play a major role in the national health insurance program

More and more, it is increasingly possible for the country to go digital through eXtensible Markup Language (XML). If the government will set the XML schema, then that will allow the hospitals (and developers) to come up with schema-compliant systems that will allow them to submit data to the payor. No names yet.. 🙂

PhilHealth Holds Year-end Assessment and 2010 Planning Workshop

The Philippine Health Insurance Corporation is holding its annual year-end assessment and 2010 planning workshop at Hotel PonteFino, Batangas City. The workshop brings together leaders from the national health insurance program to thresh out the activities and targets for 2010 under the direction of President Rey B. Aquino. How do I know this? I’m facilitating […]

Intel hosts eHealth conference

Intel organized a conference on eHealth. I couldn’t get out of my previous commitments but was happy for the few moments I was there. It was good to see familiar faces: Gilbert from DOH, Yas from QQ, and Mayor Clacio/Theda from QQ. I missed Dra from Pasanjan. Doc Francis was there to represent IOSN ASEAN+3 […]

Does the Philippines need a eHealth Council?

In the last Med-e-tel conference in Luxembourg, it became apparent that a national eHealth masterplan was crucial if any country were to progress definitively into the integration of ICT in health. In most countries, an eHealth council leads this process. Surprisingly, the Philippines was mentioned as a model for the crafting a national council. Other […]