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PortableApps + PortableFirefox + ZOTERO: Killer App for MED

Some readers have responded about the fact that its a lousy thing to find a good article online but not be using your own desktop or laptop (with Zotero or JabRef installed). They end up e-mailing the article to themselves and all of that trouble.

You all probably know PortableApps by now. You install it in your USB drive and it has all the open source applications you would probably need to live the rest of your life (that is, if you try not to live too long, okay?). Head on to the site and look for yourself. It eats about 300-400 MB of your drive and any other application is additional.

The cool thing about PortableApps is that if you install PortableFirefox on top of it (yes, that very reliable browser), and then install the add-on Zotero, then you can go to any machine in the ward (the ¬®floor ¬® — for some) and be able to store all your citations on your USB drive in a good and efficient reference manager.

Go ahead and download all you want….

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