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Recording Your Life

Sometimes it is necessary to show someone what you are see on your desktop. This can range from a part of a medical picture (like the rim of cytoplasm around a plasma cell) or a diagnostic procedure which you wish to explain step-by-step (adding a procedure to patienÅ› electronic medical record). The conventional way of doing this is through voice-annotated video.

Another way of doing this is by downloading free material from the Internet (images and video) and documenting what you want to say with a desktop recording tool. Two tools come to fore when it comes to desktop recording. The first (and my personal favorite) is Wink ( The other is RecordMyDesktop ( Still undergoing testing in my laptop).

Wink is such a useful tool that I use it to teach health workers how to use specific applications like CHITS ( If the health workers forget how to carry out a particular procedure, they just click on the Wink movie I created and the movei shows them how itÅ› suppoesd to be done.

Try them!

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