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Question#4: What is the difference between COBIT 5, ITIL, and EA? (I’m confused.. hehe) #MSHI #HI201 #EA

Ans: COBIT5 is a business framework for the governance and management of enterprise IT. It is an all-encompassing framework for enterprise IT. More at

IT Infrastructure Library is a framework for the delivery, service, and support to enterprise IT. ITIL maps to COBIT5’s “Deliver, Service, Support” domain.

EA is enterprise architecture or blueprint of an enterprise IT. EA maps to COBIT5’s “Align, Plan, and Organize process 03” (APO03).

See this image which shows how all other frameworks fit within COBIT5.

COBIT5 mapping to other frameworks

Q1: Between the 4 EA framework, w/c would be the most applicable to the Philippines and why?

Question#2: What are the characteristics of the PeHSP for us to use your answer in Question#1?

Ans: I asked JayC to try answer first and then I will share mine. I have my own answer but it would be good to hear how the students think.



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