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EHR Fundamentals

We’ve been receiving a lot of calls for installations of electronic health records. For starters, electronic health records are expensive. It’s not for all (definitely not for the weak-hearts, unsure, and equivocal).

Having said that, if a decision has been made, a systematic implementation is crucial to success.

First, is there a sponsor? The sponsor basically provides the political coverage (not to mention assuring the funds will be there when needed).

Second, the master patient index comes first. Get all patients encoded in the MPI. Nothing follows till at least 50% are already on the system.

Third, results review. Lab results and radiology image viewing (in that order).

Fourth, electronic prescription.

Fifth, if you reach this step, you have the right (and the project management savviness/maturity) to choose what you want to automate next.

There may be debates as to the order of the third and fourth steps. The forum is open to other opinions.

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